Download our latest trend report, “2016 Print in a Digital World” for an outline of the major trends transforming our omnichannel multiverse and how you can leverage the included examples to mix, match and marry the exciting world of print and digital and find your own nirvana. 


45 Global examples of brands blurring the lines between print and digital!
  • Macy's
    “As an omnichannel retailer, we strive to provide a seamless experience for customers who shop with us in-store, online or via mobile devices.” --Martine Reardon, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Nivea
    This Nivea ad promoting its sun skin care line included a detachable bracelet that could be worn by a child to connect to a free companion smart phone app. With help from the app, a parent can set the maximum distance a child can wander before an alarm sounds.
  • Water_is_Life-resize.jpg
    Access to clean water is one of the world’s most pressing issues. To create awareness around this problem, charity group Water is Life created ‘The Drinkable Book’ that both educates the reader on water safety and can also function as a low- cost water filtration device. The pages in the book are made with silver nanoparticle-coated paper that is able to filter 99.9% of all bacteria from contaminated water.